What Makes Us Different

Tkiyet Um Ali programmes are sustained throughout the year. TUA reaches out to every province and district to deliver the food parcels and provide endorsed households with food for life.


  • 100% of donations go to beneficiaries; Tkiyet Um Ali does not deduct any administrative costs, salaries or wages.

  • Tkiyet Um Ali cooperates with trusted CBOs in various areas throughout the Kingdom.  The Organization does not attempt to compete with those CBOs, but rather offers support to other institutions, while ensuring a robust system of monitoring to guarantee that assistance reaches endorsed families. Tkiyet Um Ali has strategic partnerships with 209 civil society institutions and community based organizations in all governorates.

  • All endorsed families live in extreme poverty, and are classified in accordance with transparent criteria supported by field visits to verify the sources of income of each of the families. 

  • Tkiyet Um Ali procures food commodities at wholesale price, with exemptions on sales and customs taxes.  This provides an added value of up to 35% to donations when compared with the commodities’ market price.

  • Tkiyet Um Ali does not offer any financial assistance.  Rather, donated money is transformed into in-kind contributions provided at wholesale price, which in turn maximizes the benefit gained by endorsed families and prevents the misuse of donations for other purposes.

  • Privacy of endorsed families data is maintained in honor of their dignity.

  • Tkiyet Um Ali operations are transparent and based on good governance.

  • Sustainable food aid is legitimate to Zakat disbursement and sponsoring the orphans with their food.

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