Tkiyet Um Ali Launches its Adha Campaign

Tkiyet Um Ali launched its Adha campaign for the year 2016 under the slogan “Along with Tkiyeh for JD100” highlighting that the meat of the Adahi is distributed to 18,300 endorsed families throughout the year and across Jordan.

Tkiyet Um Ali undertakes the offering of Adahi on behalf of donors, and the Udhiyah is performed in Australia during the Adha Holy Days, in conformity with Islamic sharia laws and under the supervision of a committee chaired by a Mufti from General Iftaa’ Department (Jordan) along with a team from Tkiyet Um Ali. Meat is then cut, packaged frozen, and shipped to Jordan to be stored in TUA warehouse, and distributed to 18,300 endorsed households throughout the year. Tkiyet Um Ali also preforms Adahi in Amman during the Adha Eid days and distributes the fresh meat to endorsed families.

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Al-Mahata, 56Al-Jaish St. Amman, Jordan