The Vision-The Mission-The Goals


Towards a hunger free Jordan


A humanitarian organization combating hunger and malnutrition by delivering donor support to the poorest citizens through sustainable, healthy food programs in accordance to scientific methodologies and Islamic Sharia’ implemented effectively by good governance. In addition to building local, regional and international partnerships to coordinate efforts in this field and build awareness about hunger for an active society and food for life.



Equality and equity

Innovation and creativity

Dignity and human rights

Responsibility and accountability

Team spirit

Excellence and quality

Observance of Shari’a laws

Professionalism and commitment

Synergy and integrity


Strategic Goals:

Tkiyet Um Ali’s operation relies on achieving a number of goals which TUA seeks to serve and achieve. As a pioneering organization, Tkiyet Um Ali seeks to achieve its goals through a focused, disciplined and scientific approach using advanced management systems: 


Tkiyet Um Ali Goals: 

  • Eradicating Hunger and playing a key role in achieving food security in Jordan.

  • Providing the required finance to Tkiyet Um Alis programs through various donation tools, and  sustainable financing resources.

  • Increase awareness about hunger eradication and gain support to its efforts through   awareness and other seasonal campaigns in addition to the role of its goodwill ambassadors in Jordan and the region.

  • Creating Partnerships with civil society organizations, private and public sectors to enhance the efforts in eradicating hunger.


Tkiyet Um Ali implements the following to achieve its goals:

  • Providing a number of feeding programmes to targeted groups.

  • Conducting social studies and research related to hunger and means of eradicating it.

  • Developing relations with local, regional, and international organizations in accordance with the current Associations Law.

  • Engaging various segments of the community in voluntary work in order to spread awareness on the goals and projects of Tkiyet Um Ali.

  • Increasing awareness and launching campaigns, conferences, and seminars, as well as holding public lectures, arranging media activities, and training courses on means of eradicating hunger and poverty in the Kingdom.

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