Quality & Safety Measures

Monitoring and safety measures

Tkiyet Um Ali adheres to strict food safety standards whether in relation to daily meals or to food packages, which are distributed to endorsed families, including:

  • A meal must contain all food groups and all basic nutritional elements.

  • Meals are prepared under health safety conditions to ensure the wellness of food.

  • Meals are served on time and the dignity of the wayfarer is a priority.       


Quality assurance measures

1. Contents of daily meals served at Tkiyet Um Ali include:

  • Protein (red meat, fish, poultry)

  • Carbohydrates

  • Sauce, yogurt or salad

  • Fruit juice

  • Fruits

  • Bread

2. Hot food and salads are prepared on the same day they are served.

3. Hot meals are delivered in insulated containers.

4. Cold food is delivered in refrigerated trucks or insulated containers.

5. Hot food is kept in heaters pending time to be served.

6. Cold food is kept in coolers.

7. Fresh fruits are washed and air dried before serving.

8. Fruit juice cartons must have straw sealed on the outside.

9. Personnel serving food must wear gloves and hair covering to prevent any contamination of food.

10. Utensils must be clean, sterilized, air dried and wrapped.

11. Personnel serving food must obtain health certificates.

12. Personnel working in the program must all wear uniform.

13. Heaters and insulators must be cleaned on daily basis.

14. Storage space inside the vehicle must be cleaned and sterilized daily.


Monitoring Mechanisms

1. Spot unannounced visits to suppliers.

2. Daily inspection of food delivery vehicles and reporting.

3. Food is tasted before serving.

4. Food is only served after approval from the quality control unit.

5. Food temperature is measured (60º Celsius for hot food and below 7º Celsius for cold food.  Food is rejected if the temperature above or below the required degree.

6. Wayfarers satisfaction is measured on weekly and monthly basis.


Food Parcels

Food parcels contain 22 food items that include all the necessary nutrients and food groups.   The food parcel contents are re-examined periodically to ensure highest quality.  Food parcels quality control criteria include:

1. A food parcel must be intact.

2. A food parcel must carry Tkiyet Um Ali logo.

3. A food parcel must contain all commodities.

4. All food parcel contents must be good for consumption.

5. Food parcel distribution is carried out while preserving the dignity of beneficiaries and without any financial burden on them.


Quality control steps

1. Food parcels must be closed and stamped.

2. Food parcels must have a serial number.

3. Food parcels must have a list of contents according to categories.

4. A maximum of three parcels can be piled vertically.

5. Food parcels must not be stored under sunlight.

6. Food parcels are delivered in clean and shaded vehicles.

7. Food parcels should include a flyer that includes the quantity and list of food commodities included in the parcel.


Monitoring Mechanism

1. Testing is done on 10% of items in each batch of food parcels to verify quantity and quality.  A form is signed upon inspection.

2. Beneficiaries’ satisfaction is measured through a number questionnaire, conducted over the telephone, including their opinion of the variety of commodities, quantity and quality.

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