Operations and Preparation of Parcels

TUA invites Food Suppliers through an invitation for bids in local newspapers. This tender for parcel components acquisition is done annually. These items are stored in TUA warehouses at Qastal. Around 1000 food parcels are prepared on daily basis to be distributed to endorsed households.

The Procedures:                                 

  • Calculating quantities of food commodities required on annual basis according to the endorsed households’ data, which indicates the number of households and the number of family members in each household.  Inviting suppliers for bid to ensure highest quality of food commodities at the lowest price.

  • Preparing a  monthly inventory of food commodities  required in coordination with suppliers (companies awarded the bids) and storing the commodities in accordance with international quality control standards related to dry and frozen food storage.

  • Preparing food parcels for transport and distribution by the specialized teams.

  •  A timetable for the distribution of food parcels and frozen meat is prepared based on a monthly list of endorsed households, indicating their categories and locations across the governorates.

  • Following up on the daily transportation of food parcels and frozen meat to partner CBOs which distributes the food parcels to endorsed households, thus guaranteeing that distribution is according to the procedures of Tkiyet Um Ali.


Reaching Governorates:

Tkiyet Um Ali operations are throughout kingdom, currently TUA reaches out to endorsed households in 89 district and province in 12 governorates, with emphasis on extreme poverty.  In order to provide food aid support to endorsed households TUA partnered with 209 CBOs and Zakat committees.  

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