Institutional Governance

Tkiyet Um Ali enjoys policies, systems, and procedures that guarantee the highest levels of discipline, responsibility, and transparency, which are considered the foundation of good governance in any organisation.


Good Governance

According to the definition of the Central and Eastern Europe Workgroup for Non-profit organisations governance is defined as follows:

“A transparent decision-making process in which the leadership of a non-profit organisation, in an effective and accountable way, directs resources, and exercise power on the basis of shared values”.


The Foundations of Good Governance at Tkiyet Um Ali:

  • Board of directors and a number of  follow-up committees: Financial audit Committee, Marketing committee, and Administrative committee.

  • Financial authorities for the Director General.

  • Internal auditor reporting to the financial audit committee of the board of directors.

  • External independent auditor.

  • Monitoring and evaluation and quality control unit implements measures, policies and procedures, monitors all operations and reports directly to the Director General

  • Automated systems connecting donations directly with the finance department at   Tkiyet Um Ali.

  • Automated systems to preserve and archive the data of the assessed and endorsed households, for calculating of net income and endorsement.

  • Standard operating procedures (SOP) implemented on all administrative levels.

  • ons for each and every position.


  • Periodic performance evaluation process for employees based on pre-set indicators.

Therefore guaranteeing the achievement of the key goals of good governance (transparency, accountability, responsibility, equality)

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