How We Qualify Families

How Do We Operate?

1. Clear Vision and strategy to reach 20,000 households living in extreme poverty throughout the Kingdom by the end of 2020.

2. Establishing partnerships with organizations and civil society institutions that are active in TUA targeted areas, rehabilitating them to provide best practice service, according to international standards that guarantee delivering the food aid to endorsed families.

3. Preparing lists of eligible households that presented application to Tkiyet Um Ali directly or through CBOs.

4. Reviewing and assessing the applications to securitize the applicants’ sources of income and property in cooperation with relevant authorities.

5. Conducting field visits to applicants’ residency to verify information received, to recommend acceptance or refusal of applications based on the observations of field team according to the endorsement criteria of TUA.

6. Endorsing eligible families, and providing them with food parcel on monthly basis, through distribution points which are located throughout the Kingdom in cooperation with CBOs.

7. Implementing monitoring and evaluation procedures to enhance monitoring to guarantee delivering the food parcels to endorsed families in transparent procedures.

8. Periodic reassessment of the living conditions of endorsed families are implemented in order to decide whether families are eligible to receiving food parcels.


Who are the beneficiary families from Tkiyet Um Ali

Tkiyet Um Ali follows strict standards and accurate procedures to identify the families living in extreme poverty, thus providing them with sustainable food aid, these standards can be summarized as follow:

  • Households with a net monthly income of 20 JDs per capita or below.

  • Households that do not have any kind of real estate.

  • Households that do not have members over 18 years old who can be employed and are not working unless they are receiving their education.

  • Households that meet TUA criteria are generally those that have elderly, persons with special needs, individuals suffering chronic diseases, divorced and widowed women, children and orphans.

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