Fundraising Programmes

Tkiyet Um Ali depends on donations to manage its sustainable Food Aid Programme through the following donation schemes. The donations to Tkiyet Um Ali are legitimate to Zakat disbursement.

Zakat: Donations are disbursed in conformity and adherence with Sharia law, to people in need and to orphans according to a Fatwa from the General Iftaa Department.

Sadaqah: Tkiyet Um Ali receives Sadaqah Jariyah/ Perpetual Charity and General Sadaqah from donors. All these donations go to support the Sustainable Food Aid Programme.

Family Sponsorship Programme: This programme aims to reinforce the social solidarity concept in the Jordanian community by enabling the donor to sponsor a family on a long-term basis, and the sponsored family will receive a monthly food parcel throughout the year. The sponsor can visit the family upon the approval of the sponsored family.

Monthly Food Parcels: The Sustainable Food Aid Programme is supported by a donor contribution that equals the value of the monthly food parcel. JD (15-30-50-70)

Sacrifices (Offering) Programme (Dhabiha): Throughout the year, Tkiyet Um Ali receives all kinds of sacrifices (meat offerings) (Dhabihah, Aqiqah, Fadu, Nether) from donors and undertakes the slaughtering at the end of each month at the Amman Municipality Slaughterhouse


Dhabiha in Amman: 150 JD

Dhabiha in Australia: 100 JD

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