Donation Tools

To facilitate the donation process, the below means are dedicated to the reception of donations:

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• Bank Transfers

You can donate to Tkiyet Um Ali feeding programmes by making a bank transfer to following banks to TUA bank accounts:

Donation in Jordanian Dinar

Bank: Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank 
Acc# 205/555222/001/3000/000 
Currency: JOD
IBAN: JO24JDIB2050005552220013000000

Donations in USD

Bank: Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank
Acc# 205/555222/002/3000/000
IBAN: JO09JDIB2050005552220023000000

• E-Fawateercom Service

You can donate to Tkiyet Um Ali programmes through E- Fawateercom payment connected to 23 operating banks in Jordan


• Call Center 064900900

Tkiyet Um Ali’s call center receives and responds to donor enquiries all year long, and arranges to receive their donations. The call center is also responsible for the promotion of the ongoing feeding programmes to the public throughout the year.

• Tkiyet Um Ali Booths at Commercial Centers

Tkiyet Um Ali has six permanent locations at main commercial centers. The booths aim to serve donors through the provision of information related to TUA’s programmes and also receive direct donations from the public. Tkiyet Um Ali operates in: City Mall, Taj Mall, Safeway- 7th Circle, Safeway- Shmeisani, Cozmo 7th Circle and Mecca Mall.

• Donation Boxes     

TUA uses various tools and means to receive donations, including donation boxes. Small and large donation boxes are located in malls, mini markets, banks, pharmacies, hospitals, border crossings, and airports, in addition to other locations. The donation boxes enables TUA to reach out to a larger number of donors who contribute with small amounts of money that collectively makes a big impact that goes toward feeding endorsed families. Donation boxes are collected by a specialized company and are handed over to an endorsed bank to be sorted under high professional standards and strict supervision.


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