Board & General Assembly

HRH Princess Haya Bint Al- Hussein

My late mother, HM Queen Alia believed that no human being should ever go hungry. Our purpose has been to make Her belief a reality to build a permanent source of food for those in need.


Tkiyet Um Ali is a results-orientated organisation, where data and evidence count. I am pleased to report that last year, 214,140 food parcels were delivered and 82,053 daily hot meals were served. We are proud of these exciting milestones, and even more so, to provide aid and support to over 18,000 families. Numbers, in our business, of course, matter, but we are mindful that behind every number is a story of a human being or family. This report highlights a few of those that touched and inspired us, and spurred us in to action.


While the stories that we celebrated in 2016 are too many to tell, they are all stories of life and hope; the parents who saw smiles on their children’s faces because they finally enjoyed a healthy and nutritious meal; the school students who focused better at school because they were able to eat a nourishing breakfast; the man who was able to save money for medicine, and the story of a child who grew up to be an adult working to help his family.


Inspired by the values that my late parents, TM’s the Late King Hussein bin Talal and Queen Alia Al Hussein, have instilled in us, recent field studies have been conducted to identify families living in extreme poverty. The studies indicated that today almost 30,000 families are food insecure across the Kingdom, creating an urgent need to reach an additional 10,000 households by the end of 2017.


As our activities and our reach have grown, we have also grown. This year we extend our gratitude to the 36,642 individual donors and 85 corporate donors. Together, we were able to give hope to more than 91,000 individuals from the most vulnerable in our population.


I wish to thank all our partners who have helped us in the past year in serving the neediest and most vulnerable in our population, despite limited resources and numerous challenges we face with the increasing number of applications we receive every day. With your support, Tkiyet Um Ali will continue to lend a helping hand so they can lead more independent and fulfilling lives.


Thank you to our dedicated and generous donors, volunteers, funders, sponsors board members and staff. With your help, we are honoured to be a steward of philanthropic work in our beloved country.


Haya Bint Al Hussein

Chairperson of the Board of Directors


Members of the Board

Her Royal Highness Princess Haya Bint Al-Hussein chairs Tkiyet Um Ali’s Board of Directors which monitors and supports the organization’s activities, and directs it towards achieving its desired goals and implementing the vision of Her Late Majesty Queen Alia, may God rest her soul.


Chairperson and Members of the Board of Directors

Her Royal Highness Princess Haya Bint Al-Hussein

Chairperson of the Board of Directors


H.E Dr. Abdullah Toukan 

First Vice Chair


Mr. Ala’ Khalifeh

Second Vice Chair



Mr. Laith Al-Qasem

Member, Head of Finance & Administration Committee 


Mr. Ammar Hattab



Mr. Nasif Al-Khoury



Mr. Khalid Zakaria



Mr. Zaid Al-Hamdan



General Assembly

H.E. Dr. Fayez Tarawneh

H.E. Dr. Mohammad Khair Mamser

H.E. Mr. Zeid Goussous

H.E. Mrs. Suhair Al-Ali

H.E. Mr. Ayman Hatahet

Mr. Shadi Ramzi Majali

Mr. Yousef Madi

Mr. Tareq Al-Ansari

Mr. Ghassan Boundakji

Mr. Mohammed Dahleh

Mr. Mohammad Al-Kahlout

Mrs. Maha ElAsir

Mr. Nader Horani

Mrs. Rania Omeish

Mr. Tareq Abu-Lughod

Mr. Othman Bdeir

Mr. Sa’ad Aldeen Alzumaili

Mr. AlMuthanna Nabulsi

Mr. Saif-Eslam AlSharif



Director General Samer Balkar

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