Why Tkiyet Um Ali

    • Tkiyet Um Ali programmes are sustained throughout the year. TUA reaches out to every province and district to deliver the food parcels and provide endorsed households with food for life.
    • Tkiyet Um Ali is exempt from paying tax under exemption number "2686" 
    • 100% of donations go to beneficiaries; Tkiyet Um Ali does not deduct any administrative costs, salaries or wages.
    • Tkiyet Um Ali cooperates with trusted CBOs in various areas throughout the Kingdom. The Organization does not attempt to compete with those CBOs, but rather offers support to other institutions, while ensuring a robust system of monitoring to guarantee that assistance reaches endorsed families. Tkiyet Um Ali has strategic partnerships with 209 civil society institutions and community based organizations in all governorates.
    • All endorsed families live in extreme poverty, and are classified in accordance with transparent criteria supported by field visits to verify the sources of income of each of the families.


Latest News

Tkiyet Um Ali Launches the Second Phase of its Food Support Programme

AMMAN — Tkiyet Um Ali on Wednesday launched the second phase of its food support programme, which will include an additional 10,000 families over the next five years.

08 Mar

Eid Al-Adha Event at Tkiyet Um Ali Headquarters

Tkiyet Um Ali organised an event on Monday the 13th of September 2016 to celebrate Eid Al- Adha with the unprivileged children.

12 Sep

Tkiyet Um Ali Launches its Adha Campaign

Tkiyet Um Ali launched its Adha campaign for the year 2016 under the slogan “Along with Tkiyeh for JD100”

28 Aug

69,016 Hot Meals During Ramadan 2016

With the support of our donors 69,016 hot meals were served during Ramadan 2016 of which 37,290 were at Tkiyet Um Ali headquarters  

10 Jul

Dr. Florence Eid-Oakden visits Tkiyet Um Ali

Amman 30 August 2016- Dr. Florence Eid-Oakden, the CEO and Chief Economist of Arabia Monitor, member of the Board of Directors at ABC International Bank plc - London Branch and wife of His Excellency Edward Oakden CMG, The British Ambassador to Jordan, visited Tkiyet Um Ali premises on Sunday, August 21, with a group of young Jordanian girls who are children of the British Embassy staff.

30 Aug

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Did You Know?

Jordan’s population
According to department of Statistics, Jordan’s total population was 9,531,712 by the end of 2015, out of which 6,613,587 are Jordanians and 2,918,125 are non-Jordanians.
Food Insecurity
According to department of Statistics, 0.5% of all Jordanian households suffer from food insecurity, and 5.7% of all Jordanian households are vulnerable towards food insecurity.
Tkiyet Um Ali’s Endorsed Families
Tkiyet Um Ali is currently supporting 18,300 extremely poor households with sustainable monthly food parcels. The total number of individuals within these households is 91,550 making up 1.4% of Jordan’s total population.

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